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Hi-Fi System Packages

Audio Trends has created some of the best Hi-Fi Stereo systems in Melbourne for over 35 years. All have been very carefully selected to reflect contemporary requirements. Shop This Category

Integrated Stereo Amplifiers

Straight Stereo is still very popular and high performance components are better than ever. At the heart of most systems is an Integrated Stereo Amplifier.  Shop This Category

CD Players

C.D. players first arrived on the market in 1983 and immediately revolutionised the way we listen to music. If you want something better than ordinary, we can help. Shop This Category

AM/FM/DAB+ Stereo Tuners

Radio is still in tune. If you want to add either just an AM/FM Stereo Tuner or one with a DAB+ Tuner to listen to your favourite station on digital, then we will have something to suit your needs. Shop This Category

AM/FM/DAB Stereo Receivers

Receivers have everything you need in one component. This includes several line inputs to connect a variety of sources. All include an AM/FM Stereo Tuner section and some include DAB. Shop This Category

Power Amplifiers

Looking for something more powerful or ‘up-market’ in a Hi Fi Stereo Amplifier? Then look no further than our very impressive line-up with even traditional ‘valve’ and ‘hybrid’ models featured. Shop This Category


There is nothing like enjoying ‘your music’ in private and the right pair of headphones can solve a number of audio/video dilemmas. We sell AKG, Denon, PSB, Sennheiser and Yamaha. Shop This Category

Hi-Fi Racks

We stock a range of modular performance Hi-Fi Racks and TV Racks that blend functionality, style and provide secure storage without compromising the performance of your system. Shop This Category

Speaker Systems

The right Speakers make a huge difference to your enjoyment and we stock a comprehensive range of great speakers to suit both small and large rooms; small and large Amplifiers. Shop This Category

Speaker Cables

No cables, no anything! So, they are obviously important. But which ones are right and how much should you spend? Well that depends on several factors.  Shop This Category

Power Supply - Naim

Augmenting all the relative components in a Naim system with an additional power supply brings tangible improvements and as a result music becomes more involving and satisfying. See All

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